Celebrate Life in Wilkinsburg Pop-Up Event Series
Vendor Participation Agreement and Application


Logistical Details for Vendors

What’s provided:

Hosanna House will provide vendors with 2 chairs and 1 table under a tent. Requests for additional tables or chairs must be ordered at least 5 days prior to the event. Fee schedule: $12 - table; $2 - chair. No wi-fi or electricity is provided.   

Vendor check-in: 

Set up begins at 12:00 PM and must be complete by 1:00 PM. Vendors will be assigned a table location the day of the event by the on-site manager. Vendors are expected to stay from set up through 4:00 pm.


Once approved, vendors are expected to pay a non-refundable $25 vendor fee ($15 for Wilkinsburg-based businesses). Payment is due at least 5 days prior to the event.

Best practices:

Vendors are encouraged to increase their sales by accepting some form of digital payment i.e., Square, PayPal, Cash App, Vemno, Zelle, Google Pay or Apple Pay. 


Contact Jenn Salmans, Director of Grants & Corporate Relations:



Expected Code of Conduct

1. Safety is the first priority. Social distancing and masks will continue to be encouraged by the staff of the Wilkinsburg Pop-Up Events, and we encourage our vendors to take precautions. If you or someone you have been in contact with is not feeling well or has had a positive COVID test, you must contact Hosanna House, Inc. (HHI) and will not be permitted to participate for at least 2 weeks. Additionally, if you receive a positive COVID test after participating in a Pop-Up Market event, you must contact HHI so that we can inform others of potential exposure. Your identity will remain anonymous if such notification needs to occur. Lastly, your participation is at your own risk as you will be interacting with the public.

2. These events are inclusive, family-friendly, and non-discriminatory events. All participants are expected to cultivate such an atmosphere and facilitate these practices. Any participants who do not do so will be asked to no longer participate.

3.  Vendors are expected to keep their displays contained within their designated spots while leaving room for customers and individuals to safely browse the vendor area. This means that large furniture and display items are not permitted if they exceed your space or inhibit the flow of foot traffic.

4. Vendors are required to notify HHI if they are unable to participate in the event no later than 5 days in advance. Repeated cancellations by a vendor for non-emergency reasons less than 5 days before may result in being asked to no longer participate. In the case of emergencies, please contact jennifers@hosannahouse.org at the earliest opportunity. 

5. Vendors give the sponsoring organizations permission to use submitted photos, website address, and social media handles in any event promotional materials.

6. Only the names listed on this application are allowed to participate as a vendor in your spot for each event. No additional vendors or individuals can participate unless agreed upon by the sponsoring organization. 

7. Vendors are expected to collect Allegheny Sales Tax (7%) and remit this tax to the PA Department of Revenue. It is your responsibility to acquire a Tax ID Number to sell your products directly to customers.  

8. Vendors are expected to comply with Allegheny County health code provisions and licensing. 

9. Failure to uphold this expected code of conduct may result in the immediate termination of any current or future participation in HHI’s Wilkinsburg Pop-Up Events. The sponsoring organization or any individuals deemed agents of HHI retain the right to ask any vendor to remove themselves from the event or to terminate their participation if they fail to maintain the aforementioned code of conduct.

10. Lastly, the participating vendors signed below as well as anyone accompanying them and/or acting as an agent on their behalf, hereby knowingly and voluntarily assume all risk and liability arising from participation in the Hosanna House, Inc.’s Celebrate Life in Wilkinsburg pop-up event series and hereby waive, release, indemnify, and agree to hold harmless the sponsoring organizations, partners, and individuals acting as agents of HHI’s Wilkinsburg Pop-Up Events from any and all actions, suits, claims, damages, and liabilities that may be incurred from but not limited to injury, death, harm, property loss or damage, and/or theft. It is the vendor’s responsibility to possess insurance for the vendor’s business.