Peebles Square Project

The Peebles Square Development on Peebles Avenue, Trenton Avenue and South Avenue is currently under construction. The developer is ACTION Housing. The project will consist of at least 12 new homes, and the renovation of 6 row houses and 1 single-family house. Work on the row houses and the single-family home is complete as of June 2008, and four of the townhouses have been sold. The demolition of dilapidated homes in the project area is also complete. The first phase of new home construction is planned for Spring/Summer of 2009.

Wilkinsburg's housing stock is about to get a boost

A plan has been developed to provide 12 new single-family homes and rehabilitate from six to 10 more in a project called Peebles Square.  The $5.5 million for the project has been obtained primarily through state and Allegheny County agencies, said Richard Ranii, manager of the Housing and Human Services division of the Allegheny County Department of Economic Development.
Allegheny County Redevelopment Authority Board authorized entering into an agreement on Peebles Square homes with Economic Development and Action-Housing Inc. Action is co-developer of the project with Hosanna House Inc. An effort will be made with a proposed general contractor and local organizations that train low- and moderate-income workers. The developers have begun a community design process on the selected rehabs that are currently owned by Action. The new houses, all with three bedrooms, will be priced between $80,000 and $85,000. Buyers who qualify will receive a discounted price with a second mortgage that does not have to be repaid until the buyer sells the house or the loan has been forgiven.

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