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“People working together providing opportunities that will empower families and individuals to discover, acknowledge and develop their maximum potential physically, spiritually and economically.”

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As a non-profit organization, we rely on the help and generosity of our friends to help support our programs and services. Remember, it's people like you that allow us to continue to be,

"a place called Hope!"


It will begin with me
The school teacher
Police officer
The janitor unseen
When all are asleep
It will begin with me
The guidance counselor
The information systems expert
With me the food preparer
The accountant
The security guard
With me the hairstylist
The automobile mechanic
The corrections officer
The physical therapist
The administrator
The homemaker
The dentist
Placing all the actual
Breaking news at eleven
Issues that are here to stay
Away from us
For just some fleeting moments
We will sacrifice
Of our economic bounty
Giving unseen
To ensure and empower
Those younger than we
Some of similar age as we
Ambassadors of hope
Twenty-first century

- Mark Smith


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If you would like to make a recurring donation using a credit or debit card, please contact our Business office at (412)243-7711 x142. Thank you and have a blessed day!