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Departments and Services

Ambassador of Hope

Phone: (412) 342-1281
email: aoh@hosannahouse.org

Child Development

Phone: (412) 243-7136
email: childdevelopment@hosannahouse.org


Phone:(412) 342-1281
email: dev@hosannahouse.org

Wallace Event Center

Phone: (412) 342-1340
email: eventcenter@hosannahouse.org

Fitness and Wellness

Phone: (412) 342-1286
email: wellness@hosannahouse.org

HHI General Mailbox

Phone: (412) 243-7711
email: hhi@hosannahouse.org

Human Resources

Phone: (412) 342-1336
email: hr@hosannahouse.org

Office Leasing

Phone: (412) 342-1340
email: officeleasing@hosannahouse.org

Sherwood Event Center

Phone: (412) 342-1340
email: sherwood@hosannahouse.org


Phone: (412) 342-1357
email: tech@hosannahouse.org

Youth Services

Phone: (412) 342-1343
email: youth@hosannahouse.org