Key Elements

Key elements are STEM Makerspace and flight simulation lab, Tuskegee Airmen Museum, and Interactive exhibit spaces for children and youth (indoor and outdoor).  CATT curriculum utilizes various learning modalities to foster learning: Instructor-led, Hands-on, Interactive displays, and Outdoor learning experiences.


  • Cockpit Flight Trainer
  • Things that Fly Praxinoscope
  • Land the Plane Maze
  • Imagination Mirrors
  • Wearable Wings
  • Airport Play Table
  • Outdoor Play Space

CATT Exhibit Activities

The exhibit will make its Pittsburgh region debut in February. It chronicles the story of African Americans, who, despite facing racial barriers, attained great achievements in the word of aviation. Activities include:

  • Cockpit Flight Trainer: full scale interactive cockpit with both analog and digital controls, letting visitors imagine what it’s like to fly a real plane. The analog panel is designed for multi-sensory, tactile interaction with lights, sounds, ratchet mechanisms, toggle switches, buttons and the wheel. The digital panel includes an authentic Jay Velocity flight simulator by Redbird Flight. Front nosecone of cockpit features the 6 aircraft types the Tuskegee Airman were trained to fly. Emblems below them feature their Fighter and Bomber Groups. Filling out the experience are two rows of real airplane seats.
  • Things that Fly Praxinoscope: See images of things that fly come to life using this early form of animation. Spin the table top and look in the mirrors: the rapid succession of images creates the illusion of motion. Switch out the custom-made cards to bring other images to life. This open-ended and creative interactive device can be used to support a wide range of exhibit themes and educational activities for various audiences.
  • Land the Plane Maze: Inspired by Air Traffic Control Radar, visitors guide the ball to a safe landing, tilting the round table top to avoid the red planes working all the way around to the landing strip. Visitors can gather around and work together or alone to land the plane.
  • Imagination Mirrors: Interactive, back-lit mirrors activated by pressure sensitive mats, exposing images of airplanes. Multi-layered experience with sound and props for extended imaginative play. This activity helps children see themselves in roles in the aviation field.
  • Wearable Wings: Children can build and wear a pair of wearable airplane wings or a rocket ship and imagine they are flying through the sky.
  • Airport Play Table: multi-purpose play table with a scaled version of a real airport and a collection of play pieces. Multi-layered experience with sound and props for extended imaginative play. This activity helps children create narratives about what it’s like to operate an airport.
  • Outdoor Play Space: in the summer 2022, the outdoor Playscape will open and include a variety of gross motor and pretend play opportunities, including a rocket ship, drone landing pad, and a real airplane.


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