A beacon of hope for a distressed community.

That same year, the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Social Work issued a study concluding that the best way to assist this distressed community was to establish a comprehensive health and human services community center that would provide critically needed services.

After this study, a local community organization was seeking to take up the challenge of establishing this center. Covenant Church of Pittsburgh stepped forward and accepted the leadership challenge and founded Hosanna House as an independent, IRS Section 501(c)(3), a charitable non-profit organization in 1990.

Hosanna House finds its home.

In the early 1990s, Hosanna House was able to purchase the abandoned Horner Middle School, which located on Wallace Avenue in the heart of Wilkinsburg.

In 1996, Hosanna House, Inc. – Wilkinsburg Community Center of Western Pennsylvania officially opened its doors. Through community funding and the help of more than 500 volunteers, this 4-story, 125,000 square foot building completely renovated over 11 years from 1995-2006.

"There is something about the building, this place...it is in the center of the community and stands like a beacon proclaiming that hope is alive."

- Leon E. Haynes, III Chief Executive Officer

Creating a space to celebrate life.

In 2003, the Sherwood Event Center property was acquired to meet the need for summer recreational programs. This property is a 14-acre facility featuring a large swimming pool, tennis courts, and basketball courts.

Sherwood is also available for public rental on weekends and during the week after 5:00 pm. The rental income is used to support Hosanna House’s programs and services.

30 years of community service.

“The first 30-years of Hosanna House were like a rocket launching, rising away from the ground, but not having arrived at our destination. Now we’re ready for the second stage to take us to our ultimate destination.”

In 2020, Hosanna House marks 30 years of providing health and human services to the children, youth, and families of the Wilkinsburg community and eastern region of Western PA.

Thanks to the ongoing support of partners, investors and community residents – we are able to accomplish more, together.